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Musicians Who Should Be Disney Legends (Part 1) with Aaron Wallace

March 16, 2021

Over nearly 35 years, Disney Legends have been awarded to individuals who have made an indelible impact on The Walt Disney Company. Some have served as Imagineers, executives, actors, animators, or other roles. Considering this podcast concentrates much of the content on music, it only seemed fitting to put on our imaginary Sorcerers Hats and imagine if we could call the shots on who associated with The Walt Disney Company (who has lent their talents in music-based ways) should be awarded as Disney Legends in the future. Up for the task is many-time returning guest Aaron Wallace, an author, podcaster, and today, part of an armchair Disney Legend nominations committee. Aaron joins Brett Nachman as they select their picks in this first episode of a two-part series on musicians who should be named as Disney Legends.

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