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“Fantasia 2000″ Reflections with Dave Bossert, Visual Effects Supervisor

February 18, 2020

Author Dave Bossert (also known as David A. Bossert) is a legendary modern figure in the world of Disney animation and books. He joined the company during the nascence of the Disney Renaissance, working on projects like The Black Cauldron and The Great Mouse Detective in effects animation, to eventually becoming a visual effects supervisor for Fantasia 2000. Over recent years Dave has translated his expertise and life experiences in working with and for the Mouse into a career as an author. He has written a number of popular titles over recent years, including Oswald the Lucky Rabbit: The Search for the Lost Cartoons and Dali & Disney: Destino

On this second of two consecutive episodes of Notably Disney, Dave joins Brett Nachman to talk about some of his most significant work. This episode centers on the development of Fantasia 2000, a production long in development and driven by Roy E. Disney, Dave's longtime friend and colleague. Dave details the challenges and opportunities in creating the visual effects for the animated IMAX spectacular. Additionally, Dave shares insights behind some other shorts and projects he has been involved with over recent years, as well as what endeavors are on the horizon.

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